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On January 18 of this year, the updated list of specific remuneration amounts for administrative services provided by the public institution Transport Competence Agency entered into force, which provides for the possibility of providing relevant services on an urgent basis and approved new services.

The need to update the above-mentioned list arose after taking into account the wishes of the representatives of the aviation industry to foresee the possibility of receiving some services in an urgent manner and after determining that after the reorganization of the institution, during which the transition from budgetary financing of the institution’s activities to direct payment for services, not all services provided by the institution were included in the list.

“During more than one meeting with industry representatives, the question of the possibility of getting services faster was raised. For companies operating in the aviation business, speed is of the utmost importance, so in many cases they cannot wait for the deadlines defined by the law for the provision of the service. We have reviewed our resources, assessed the possibilities, and already from the beginning of this year we can offer some services to receive on an urgent basis. Aircraft maintenance, aviation security and pilot licensing specialists will be the first to provide such services. In the future, we will expand these opportunities in other areas as well,” says the director of the institution, Goda Bražytė-Balčiūnė.

in 2019 was the first year of activity after the reorganization. During them, a number of changes took place – the management changed, employees changed, a new structure of the institution was approved, allowing for more efficient activities. In order to meet the expectations of both the ministry and the industry, the institutions are also facing a number of challenges this year. One of them is the review and optimization of the institution’s processes.

“Representatives of the aviation industry actively participated in this update of the price list, so we also heard their needs and arguments regarding the prices of some services. We intend to continue to cooperate on this matter and take into account the proposals as much as possible”, – emphasized the director.

The changed list of fees for services and the specific services that will be available on an urgent basis can be found here: