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By the summer of next year, 100 new charging stations for electric cars should appear on Lithuanian roads. The development of their network is implemented by the Transport Competence Agency together with 39 municipalities of the country, in the selected locations of which 22 kW power stations will be installed.

“In order to promote the use of electric cars, we need to take care of the infrastructure they need. Until now, charging stations were mostly installed near the country’s main roads, and now they will appear closer to the population – in the central parts of cities, in residential areas, near attractions. We will be very happy if such a step helps to make a decision to choose a more environmentally friendly means of transport”, says Goda Brazytė-Balčiūnė, head of the Transport Competence Agency.

According to her, the interest in electric car charging stations has been huge. The agency organized a survey to find out the needs of municipalities, the results of which significantly exceeded the number of available stations. Then it was decided to distribute the stations to the local governments taking into account not only the expressed wishes, but also the number of inhabitants.

The maximum number of stops is 20 units, which will be transferred to the city of Vilnius in the next month, 10 units each. – Kaunas and Panevėžys, 8 pcs.– Klaipėda, 4 pcs. – For Mazeiki, Jonava and Taurage, 3 pieces each. – For Kėdainai, Visaginas, Kretinga and Radviliškis, Utena will get 2 stops, and the remaining 26 municipalities will get 1 stop each.

By accepting the stations, the municipalities will undertake to install them within a period of one year in the places of their choice, which would be public – that is, freely accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, municipalities will independently decide on their operation.

One hundred charging stations for electric cars will be installed in Lithuania in accordance with the terms of the peace agreement between the Ministry of Energy and the German company Danpower. The implementation of this project is entrusted to the Transport Competence Agency.

The full list of municipalities to which electric car charging stations will be transferred (data updated on May 18, 2020):

Municipality Number of charging stations for electric cars
1. Vilnius city 20 pcs.
2. Kaunas city 10 pcs.
3. Panevėžys city 10 pcs.
4. Klaipėda city 8 pcs.
5. Mazeikiai district 4 pcs.
6. Jonava district 4 pcs.
7. Taurage district 4 pcs.
8. Kėdainiai district 3 pcs.
9. All-rounder 3 pcs.
10. Kretinga district 3 pcs.
11. Radviliškis district 3 pcs.
12. Utena district 2 pcs.
13. Telšiai district 1 pc.
14. Plunge district 1 pc.
15. Elektrėnai 1 pc.
16. Klaipėda district 1 pc.
17. Palanga city 1 pc.
18. Silutė district 1 pc.
19. Vilkaviškis district 1 pc.
20. Svenčioni district 1 pc.
21. Kaunas district 1 pc.
22. Rokiškis district 1 pc.
23. Akmene district 1 pc.
24. Biržai district 1 pc.
25. Šiauliai district 1 pc.
26. Šalčininkai district 1 pc.
27. Kaišiadori district 1 pc.
28. Jurbarkas district 1 pc.
29. Kelme district 1 pc.
30. Anykščiai district 1 pc.
31. Šakii district 1 pc.
32. Varėna district 1 pc.
33. Pasval district 1 pc.
34. Kupiškis district 1 pc.
35. Ignalina district 1 pc.
36. Pakrui district 1 pc.
37. Kazlu Ore 1 pc.
38. Širvinti district 1 pc.