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Transport Competence Agency are open for clients

Transport Competence Agency (TCA) reopens the client service in the office from June 17th.

The time for a meeting with TCA specialist must be booked in advance by phone or e-mail. You can find the list of contacts here.

TCA staff has a possibility to work remotely, so clients, who have not arranged a meeting in advance may not be served.

The client services will be provided in room 302, where the additional work places are installed. Clients must disinfect hands upon arrival. There are disinfectant dispensers installed at the entrance and on the 3rd floor. Also, wearing a mask, that covers a nose and a mouth, and social distancing of 1 metre are mandatory.

If you need to submit original documents, please put them in the envelope and leave it in our mailbox near the office entrance. The mailbox is checked twice a day.