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Starting this week, the members of the domestic crews and crews returning from abroad will be required to self-isolate for 10 days, counting from the day of their arrival in Lithuania. The term of isolation can be shortened if, on the 7th day of isolation, a coronavirus test is performed at one’s own expense and the result is negative. Such a decision was made on Friday by the head of emergency operations in order to prevent the spread of dangerous strains of the coronavirus.

According to the decision of the head of emergency operations at the state level, the isolation can be shortened also in the event that the members of the crews and crews must go on a voyage or leave the Republic of Lithuania before completing it.

Facilitations are also determined by the decision of the head of operations. First, isolation can be shortened or terminated only after informing the National Public Health Center (NVSC) about it, without waiting for its permission. Second, family members of carriers who have returned from a flight will not be required to self-isolate.

These requirements apply to crews and crew members (both foreigners and Lithuanian citizens) working in Lithuanian or international carriers of all vehicles.

The requirement to isolate does not apply to crews and crew members traveling through the territory of the Republic of Lithuania in transit without stops, except for essential ones, as well as to aircraft crews, when crew members do not leave the vehicle between flights.

However, as before, crew and crew members arriving in Lithuania will have to fill out the NVSC form before arriving in Lithuania >> .

It should also be noted that the managers (employers) of companies carrying out international commercial transport in Lithuania are obliged to properly instruct their employees about the need to fill out the NVSC questionnaire and the obligation of isolation. Employers are recommended to organize preventive testing of employees for the coronavirus at their own expense.

It should be emphasized that the changes due to the isolation or the recently strengthened inspection of the border with Poland will not affect the free movement of goods and cargo, cargo crews and crew members will not be stopped and checked at the border.