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For more than 15 years, April 6 has been celebrated as Safe Traffic Day in Lithuania. Its purpose is to promote the awareness of all road users so that there is no victim left on the country’s roads. This day aims to draw attention to the dangers that appear on the roads, to promote mutual respect and courtesy among road users, as well as to remind about the importance of education in the field of traffic saga. In carrying out activities in the field of traffic safety, TKA not only carries out control, monitoring, analysis and evaluation of road safety, but also engages in educational activities. Proper education can create a strong foundation of road safety awareness and responsibility.

In commemoration of this day, the representative of TKA, traffic safety expert, head of the Transport Services Department, Evaldas Morkūnas, participates in a remote event commemorating Traffic Safety Day 2021, where he will introduce the academic community to general traffic safety and traffic statistics in Lithuania. The event is intended for teachers and students of the field of transport engineering to celebrate the 135th anniversary of the invention of the car. The event is organized by the Transport Engineering Teachers’ Association uniting Lithuanian colleges.