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The Transport Competence Agency (TKA) participates in the international “Baseline” project, the purpose of which is to determine the main values ​​of road safety indicators (KPI) of the EU member states. Each participating country will provide between one and eight national KPI values, which will be comparable across countries and meet the minimum methodological requirements of the European Commission. This project will also contribute to capacity building in the EU, especially in those Member States that have not yet collected and calculated data on KPIs.

TKA and Central Project Management Agency, 2021 March 18 signed the “Collection of Key Performance Indicators for road safety” project of the transport sector financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (EITP) funds. MOVE/C2/SUB/2019-558/CEF/PSA/SI2.835753 (KPI project) contract for the national part of implementation.

It is important to mention that CETP is the most important instrument of the European Union for providing financial support to trans-European networks, created to support projects of common interest in the transport, telecommunications and energy infrastructure sectors and to exploit the potential synergy of those sectors.

In the KPI project, TKA, like other institutions of the participating EU countries, will conduct traffic safety studies and determine the main indicators according to the prepared methodologies: speeding; seat belt fastening; disturbing the driver’s attention (use of telephones); car safety; infrastructure security; arrangement of traffic accident sites. All the indicators determined during the KPI project will be compared to the indicators of the Lithuanian state and used in the general context of the countries of the European Union.

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