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Specialists of the Public Transport Competence Agency (TKA) have prepared a publication of traffic accident data for the years 2017-2020. Specialists working at the institution provide the public with a statistical overview of traffic accident statistics and the traffic safety situation in Lithuania every year. The newly prepared, publicly available publication provides information describing the general traffic safety situation in Lithuania, the main trends in traffic accidents are presented, the analysis of which highlights typical road users involved in traffic accidents, the typical environment and infrastructure of traffic accidents, and the typical circumstances of traffic accidents.

“After the reorganization of the institution in 2020, we are constantly changing the established approach to traffic safety and strive to make traffic safety innovative and easily accessible to the public. In connection with this, we have prepared an interactive map of traffic accidents for the years 2017-2020, in which traffic accidents are presented according to the coordinates of the traffic accident. The user can choose which year and which type of traffic accident data he wants to display on the map, traffic accidents with fatal consequences are represented in a different color, the attribute table provides more detailed information for each creditable traffic accident. This allows everyone to get to know their daily route in more detail, to pay more attention to traffic, to identify where the risk of a traffic accident is increased,” says Evaldas Morkūnas, head of TKA’s Transport Services Department.

Trends in traffic accidents, injured and killed traffic participants in Lithuania in 2001-2020.

Impact of Covid-19 on traffic safety and accidents

2020 was a special year due to the spread of the coronavirus infection (COVID-19) around the world. The pandemic and various restrictions undoubtedly had an impact on accident data as well, so the statistical data on traffic accidents in 2020 must be evaluated separately. Compared to 2020 traffic accidents and their consequences with the average number of traffic accidents and their consequences in 2017-2019, there is a noticeable decrease in traffic accidents, injuries and deaths in them.

“After evaluating the results of traffic accident statistics during the quarantine period, it was found that restricted mobility had a significant positive impact on the overall annual accident results. After 2019, when there was a strong increase in the emergency situation in Lithuania, the general downward curve was restored and we can move purposefully towards the goal of Vision 0. Lithuania is one of the leaders in the European Union in reducing the number of dead. In the 2020-2030 period, a big challenge awaits – to reduce the current number of road users killed by 50%”, says Evaldas Morkūnas, head of the TKA Transport Services Department.


Typical pictures of traffic accidents

In order to convey to the public a greater understanding of the general trends of events, TKA specialists, after evaluating the 2017-2020 creditable traffic incidents and the road users involved in them, present the main trends of traffic incidents, the analysis of which highlights:

  • typical traffic accident participants involved in traffic accidents – assessing the type of traffic participants, age, gender, driving experience, sobriety, perpetrators of traffic accidents;
  • typical environment and infrastructure of traffic accidents – assessing rural and residential areas, the importance of the road, the type of surface;
  • typical circumstances of traffic accidents – assessing the distribution of creditable traffic accidents in terms of time, according to weather conditions, condition of the pavement, types of traffic accidents.


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