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  • The TKA team congratulates everyone who is starting the new academic year with excitement and youthful vigor. Let them be successful and creative, encouraging them to improve and reach higher. On this beautiful occasion, we want to wish only safe travels, memorable and smooth flights and remind everyone that safe traffic on the roads depends on the personal responsibility of each of us.

    TKA is a responsible institution that cares about the safety of every road user, so we would like to remind you that with the start of the new school year, more vehicles roll out onto the streets, novice drivers and first-year students who come to study also take part in the intense traffic, and the smallest road users – children – also take an active part, so we urge all road users to be especially careful and alert in traffic during this period.

    Elementary school students must be especially attentive when participating in traffic!

    Children aged 7-12 are mostly affected in traffic accidents!

    The right of children to feel safe on the street is one of the most important, and it is our duty as adults and specialists to help them, teach them, remind them of the rules of safe traffic, so that children’s path from home to school, clubs and back home is safe. In order to protect young road users from accidents, we invite you to set only a good example (walking across the carriageway at a pedestrian crossing when the traffic light is green; observe the traffic environment and listen; do not engage in extraneous activities while walking, such as talking on a mobile phone or even texting), encourage minors to behave thoughtfully and responsibly. Parents, grandparents, other relatives should discuss (repeat) the basics of safe behavior on the road together with their children, remind them of the most important requirements of the Road Traffic Rules.

    When evaluating 2018-2021 of traffic accident victims (dead and injured together) 0-18 years old. age children, statistics, found that:

    • on average, 17% of all injured road users are 0-18 years old. children aged ;
    • on average, 28% of children are injured in traffic accidents per year while being pedestrians ;
    • almost half (46%) of injured minor pedestrians are 7-12 years old. age children who begin to participate independently in traffic – travel to school and extracurricular activities;
    • the beginning of the school year is distinguished by increased statistics of affected children. And in the month of September, the highest number of injured child-pedestrians is observed – an average of 18 injured children each year. Therefore, during this period, we urge all road users to be especially careful and alert in traffic.

With our responsible and disciplined behavior, everyone can contribute to the promotion of road safety.


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