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About Transport Competence Agency

The Transport Competence Agency is a public body established and owned by the state. The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania shall be the institution implementing the rights and obligations of the body owner.

In order to create a professional, innovative, business-oriented aviation surveillance system, the Civil Aviation Administration was restructured by transferring its functions to two other sector bodies – Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration and Transport Competence Agency (until 2019 Road and Transport Research Institute). The activities of Transport Competence Agency cover the following areas: licensing of specialists and supervision of their activities; the oversight, accreditation and licensing of aviation sector; planning of transport communications; transport monitoring and research.

The purpose of the activity of Competence Agency is to contribute to the development of the public transport system in Lithuania and the supervision and development of the use of state resources allocated to it, ensuring the highest standards of quality, safety and security.