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ATPL/CPL/IR examination

Useful information:

  1. Applicants shall only take the examination when they completed theory course and get course completion certificate or are recommended by the approved training organisation (ATO) responsible for their training, once they have completed the appropriate elements of the training course of theoretical knowledge instruction to a satisfactory standard. The recommendation by an ATO shall be valid for 12 months
  2. Unless otherwise determined in this Part, an applicant has successfully completed the required theoretical knowledge examination for the appropriate pilot licence or rating when he/she has passed all the required examination papers within a period of 18 months counted from the end of the calendar month when the applicant first attempted an examination.
  3. Pass standards : A pass in an examination paper will be awarded to an applicant achieving at least 75% of the marks allocated to that paper. There is no penalty marking.
  4. If failed, the applicant can re-take the exam in a next session.
  5. If an applicant has failed to pass one of the examination papers within 4 attempts, or has failed to pass all papers within either 6 sittings or during the period of time stated in point 2, he/she shall re-take the complete set of examination papers. Before re-taking the examinations, the applicant shall undertake further training at an ATO.
  6. If you wish to take an exam, please make the payment to our account (payment information below) and reserve your spot.

The payment for the examination should be made prior to your arrival. 

Company address: I.Kanto g. 23, Kaunas, Lithuania
Bank name: „SEB“ AB
Bank address: Gedimino pr. 12, LT-01103 Vilnius
Acc. LT757044090100659769

Payment code Payment details Fee
7.1.1. Examination fee: Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Instrument Rating (IR) 37 Eur
7.1.3. Verification of examination passes 13 Eur

Phone. +370 5 273 9013

Natalija Lenkis  –  [email protected]
Anna Tadewicz-Mikėnas  –   anna.tadewicz-mikė[email protected]

Location of exam class

Address: Rodūnios kl. 34, Vilnius, Lithuania

How to find the class?