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What regulates the determination and examination of black spots in Lithuania? 

Who is responsible for identifying, examining and removing black spots? 

  • Black spots are identified, examined and removed annually in accordance with the procedure established by the Minister of Transport.  
  • The public institution Transport Competence Agency identifies black spots on roads of national significance and conducts their investigation; 
  • The joint-stock company Lithuanian Motor Road Directorate organizes the removal of black spots on roads of state importance; 
  • Municipal administrations organize the identification, investigation and removal of black spots on roads and streets of local importance. 


  • A black spot is a section or intersection of a road or street (including roads and streets with a dividing line) where 4 or more creditable traffic accidents have occurred in the last 4 calendar years. 
  • Black spot passport  - a collection of accumulated information about the black spot. 
  • Black spot investigation – an investigation during which a road or street inspection is carried out on the spot and which aims to determine the risk factors of traffic accidents that occurred in the black spot, related to the safety deficiencies of the road infrastructure, and to select the necessary traffic safety measures. 

According to 2018-2021 In 2022, 42 black spots were identified on roads of national significance – 18 in rural areas, 24 in settlements. 2022 list of black spots on roads of national significance HERE >>

Roads  in 2020 JD,  in 2021 JD  in 2022 JD 
2016-2019 data  2017-2020 data  2018-2021 data 
JD ch.  EE  Died  Injured  JD ch.  EE  Died  Injured  JD ch.  EE  Died  Injured 
Country roads of state importance  
At intersections                  13  60  7  101 
In road sections                  5  24  3  30 
JD on country roads:  30  149  27  196  29  137  21  207  18  84  10  131 
Roads of state significance crossing settlements  
At intersections  10  50  3  60  10  49  4  55  15  67  4  76 
In the streets  5  21  2  21  5  21  2  19  9  41  2  41 
JD in settlements:  15  71  5  81  15  70  6  74  24  108  6  117 
The national road network of the entire JD:  45  220  32  277  44  207  27  281  42  192  16  248 

An interactive map of road black spots of national significance for the year 2022 has been prepared for the public. It contains recommendations for drivers for each black spot in 2022 , prepared by experts, taking into account the circumstances of the formation of the black spot. These recommendations can help vehicle drivers understand dangerous situations and what to pay attention to when driving in emergency areas.

TKA draws attention to the fact that the black spots have been determined and presented on the map only those black spots that have formed on roads of national importance in the countryside and on the sections of these roads that cross settlements, i.e. i.e. black spots formed on city streets and local roads that do not belong to the national road network are not marked on this map  

Archive of maps of Black Spots of national significance on roads: 

TKA prepared the National 2022 black spots map, which provides information about black spots identified in Lithuania on national roads and municipal streets. Black spots on national roads were determined by TKA, municipalities were asked to provide information individually. Until 2022 December 30 52 out of 60 municipalities provided written information about the identified black spots in their territory: 

Information was not provided in writing  The information was provided in writing 
Black spots are detected  No black spots detected 

8 municipalities: 


Alytus district wk., 

Kaunas district wk., 

Molėtai district wk., 

Radviliškis district wk., 

Šalčininkai district wk., 

Šilalė district wk., 

Śvenčioni district wk., 

Utena district weekly 




8 (+2) municipalities: 


Kaunas wk., 

Klaipėda city wk., 

Šiauliai wk., 

Panevėžys wk., 

Marijampole week, 

Jonava district wk., 

Kretinga district wk., 

Silutė district wk., 

Vilnius weekly (to be provided later), 

Mazeikiai district weekly (to be provided later) 



42 municipalities 












 National Black Spot Map >> HERE 

INSTRUCTIONS for using the map >>HERE


Pursuant to Article 10, Paragraph 8, Item 4 of the Law on Road Traffic Safety, municipal administrations organize the identification, investigation and removal of black spots on local roads and streets . According to point 7 of the description of the investigation of black spots , municipalities must provide TKA with information about black spots on the roads of local significance in the municipality and their passports within 20 working days from the day of their receipt.