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The Transport Competence Agency (TKA), fulfilling the mandate of the Ministry of Energy, will hand over one hundred 22 kW electric car charging stations to Lithuanian municipalities free of charge.

The stations are allocated to the municipalities according to the proportional principle according to the maximum population of the municipalities, determined according to the data of official statistics. The number of stations handed over to the municipality cannot exceed the number specified by the representatives of the municipality in the needs assessment survey conducted by TKA.

Final allocation of stations to municipalities. 

The municipalities that have accepted the stations undertake to:

  • prepare the necessary projects for the installation of stations at his own expense, obtain the necessary installation permits and install the stations for public use no later than 12 months after taking over the station;
  • maintain the stations, provide their operator service;
  • cover all costs and expenses related to the installation, operation and operation of the stations at their own expense and risk;
  • after 5 years, at the end of the expected period of use of the stations, dismantle the stations and return them to TKA. The term of use of the stations, if necessary, can be extended by mutual agreement.

Installed stations must be available to users 24 hours a day. a day, 7 days a week

The procedure for transferring electric car charging stations to municipalities

Order of the Director of the Agency for Transport Competences regarding the procedure for the transfer of electric car charging stations to municipalities

After the publication of the initial list of electric car charging station distribution to municipalities, several municipalities refused to accept the stations, so the list was adjusted.

Final allocation of stations to municipalities

Order of the procedure for the allocation of stations

Primary allocation of stops to municipalities:

Steps for station allocation

Station allocation calculations

Will a contract between TKA and the municipality be signed?
No. When picking up the charging stations for electric cars, a deed of transfer-acceptance of the stations will be signed. The representative of the municipality will confirm with his signature that he is familiar with the procedure for the transfer of electric vehicle charging stations to municipalities approved by the order of the TKA director   and undertakes to comply with its provisions.

How do I pick up my stops?
Write an e-mail with the preferred pick-up time to colleague Gediminas Rudi –  [email protected] . You will need to pick up the stops in Kaunas, I. Kanto st. 25.

Also send your details – name, address, code, e-mail. postal address and telephone number.

email you will receive a confirmation of the arrival time and a completed transfer-acceptance act of the stations, which must be signed by the director of the municipality’s administration or another authorized person.

Take the signed document (2 copies) with you when you come to collect the stops, then our representative will also sign it.

What are the opportunities for municipalities to collect charging fees?
In the general practice of Lithuania, there are various toll options. The fee can be charged for parking time, for the amount of energy used during charging, for one-time charging, etc.

The station itself is technically adapted to accept payment from the customer using mobile  apps . The stations do not have integrated card readers. Regarding the possibilities of accepting technical tolls, we recommend consulting directly with the manufacturer of the station – ” Elinta charge “.

Who can operate the stations and profit from the tolls?
Stops are handed over to municipalities to use them free of charge, so the municipality must be the beneficiary of the charges for operating the stops. The municipality can choose the provider of operator services independently, but the stations cannot be transferred to private individuals or companies for operation and profit from tolls.

I have more technical questions about stations. Who can answer me?
For all technical questions related to the stations themselves or their installation, we recommend contacting the manufacturer of the stations – the Lithuanian company ” Elinta charge “.