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This page contains the most frequently asked questions on the topics of the application of legal acts or their provisions assigned to the competence of the Agency for Transport Competences and the answers to them.

The submitted answers to the questions are given the status of public consultation.

The Transport Competence Agency (hereinafter – TKA) is not authorized to officially interpret laws or other legal acts and their application, therefore we provide the opinion of TKA specialists on the issue raised in the inquiry. The data provided in the request is not checked, the answer is prepared based on the data provided. If the person provides additional information about specific factual circumstances, not specified in the inquiry, the content of the TKA consultation may also change.

The consultation is provided in accordance with the legislation in force on the date of its signing and cannot be considered as a decision of TKA in a specific situation.

Public Transport Competence Agency provides consultations and methodological assistance to business entities:

  • Electronic inquiry form

The form for filling can be found  here .

  • Phone consultation

Mondays – Fridays 13:00-15:00. consultation phone number: 8 700 35 045.

  • Consultation after submitting a written inquiry

 Inquiries should be submitted in writing to the addresses Rodūnios kelias 2, Vilnius or I. Kanto st. 23, Kaunas. When submitting a written inquiry, it is necessary to sign it and indicate:

– the name, surname, address or other contact details of a natural person to maintain communication;

– the name of the legal entity, legal entity code, address or other contact data for communication.

  • Consultation upon arrival at the TKA unit

Upon arrival at the TKA unit, the consultation is provided no later than the day before the reception, via the e-mail of the employee selected for the consultation in the “Structure and Contacts” section of the TKA website.

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