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Due to operational difficulties (e.g. related to the spread of the COVID-19 infection, as well as other reasons), in order to ensure the continuity of operations, airlines may be temporarily exempted from the application of certain requirements of Regulation 965/2012, i.e. TKA may grant a temporary exemption under the Regulation 2018/1139 in paragraph 1 of Article 71 ->> 

The TKA has prepared checklists that must be filled in when an airline applies to the TKA for the granting of an exception to carry cargo in the passenger cabin and for exceptions allowing the exemption of certain requirements in the area of ​​work and rest time determination (Flight time limitations):

  1. Transport of Cargo in Passenger Compartment Exemption Evaluation Checklist
  2. FTL Exemption Evaluation Checklist

The granting of exemptions is assessed taking into account the methodological material prepared by EASA:

  1. EASA Guidelines. Transport of Cargo in Passenger Compartment Exemptions under Article 71(1) of the Basic Regulation (Issue 5.1)
  2. EASA Guidelines. FTL exemptions under Article 71(1) of the Basic Regulation (Issue 2.0)

Check sheets are used to check the carrier 

  1. Carrier in-flight inspection checklist
  2. Check sheet for carrier inspection at the platform
  3. Carrier’s Key Objects Checklist
  4. Carrier Safety Management System (SMS) checklist
  5. Carrier Compliance Monitoring System Checklist
  6. Carrier Certification Checklist

Carrier Operations Manager Verification Forms

Flight Operations Manual (Regl. No. 965/2012) verification form
Flight Operations Manual Part B (only providing MEL) verification form
Flight Operations Manual Part B verification sheet I1R1 10-03-2023
Flight Operations Manual Part C verification sheet I1R1 10-03 -2023
Flight Operations Manual Part D Check Sheet I1R2 09-03-2023


Checklist for obtaining permission to use EFB (Electronic Flight Bag)
Checklist for the assessment of readiness to conduct training in a virtual environment (Virtual Classroom)
Request for additional geographical areas of operations (Area of ​​Operation) Checklist for
the assessment of an aircraft operator intending to carry out high-risk commercial special flights
Fuel or Energy Scheme Application and Checklist Flight
in Low Visibility Checklist