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The services of the Transport Competence Agency are paid for in advance – that is, before the service is provided – by indicating the name of the service and the payment code in the payment order.

Payment code Name of the service Salary amount, in euros
1.6. for issuing a permit to use the field for flights 170

Payment details:
VšĮ Transporto competencies agency
Company code 305598608
VAT payer code: LT100013737411
Account for aviation administrative services payments: LT757044090100659769
AB SEB, bank code 70440

Purpose of payment  – it is necessary to indicate the name and code of the service.

Persons who wish to receive  an invoice  for the service provided must contact e-mail by mail to  [email protected]  and submit a completed  form about the payment made.
We are sorry, but we do not issue advance invoices.

Specific amounts of remuneration for the administrative services provided by the Public Enterprise Transport Competence Agency in  2020. October 26 confirmed by the Minister of Transport.