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The Public Enterprise Transport Competence Agency provides short-term and long-term rental services of premises in the center of Kaunas.

We provide a conference hall rental service in the center of Kaunas (I. Kanto st. 23).

In the conference hall you will find:

  • 70 seats;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • the possibility of using a projector.

Next to the hall, there is an auxiliary room with a kitchen, which is perfect for coffee breaks – the event organizer takes care of the necessary inventory and product supply.

Hall rental price (Eur without VAT):

  • Hour – 25.00;
  • Lunch (4 hours) – 60.00;
  • Day (8 hours) – 100.00.

The rental service is provided only after payment in advance.

Contact person for conference hall reservation or other rental issues – Head of TKA Activity Organization Department Gediminas Rudys, e-mail e- mail , tel. no. +370 645 95 612.

A public tender for renting non-residential premises is announced

Public Transport Competence Agency (hereinafter – TKA), legal entity code 305598608, address
I. Kanto st. 23, 44296 Kaunas, announces non-residential premises located at I. Kanto st. 23, Kaunas, public rental tender.

More detailed information about the rented premises (their area, the initial amount of rent and the rental term) is provided below:

Row No. Name of the building where the premises are located Address of the building where the premises are located Identification of the building in which the premises are located on the plan Unique number of the building (premises). Register no. Premises indexes Premises area, sq. m Purpose of use of the premises Initial amount of rent (excluding VAT) Premises rental term
1. A building is an institution Kaunas, I. Kanto str. 23 2B3p Building:




44/681836 1-115,


46.99 and 6.40,



Non-residential premises – administrative premises 5.00 EUR From 1 to 10 years


The premises were previously adapted for laboratory activities. The premises are rented without furniture, except for the working wardrobes installed in the premises. The premises have a functioning ventilation system, a three-phase electrical network, and a cold water unit. Electricity and water consumption accounting is carried out with control meters.

The tenant will undertake to pay the rent and utility fees (calculated according to the readings of the accounting devices or proportionally according to the area of ​​the rented premises) every month according to the submitted invoice. More detailed information is provided in the draft premises lease agreement.

Parking spaces are not provided to the tenant.

All interested persons participate in the competition by submitting an application.

The tenderer’s application must be prepared in accordance with the procedure for renting premises owned by the public institution Transport Competence Agency, approved by the Director of TKA in 2020. April 4 by order no. 2-90.

The application of the tender participant must be submitted to the head of the Activity Organization Department of the Administration Department, Gedimin Rudi, by e-mail. by e- mail no later than 2022. October 31 10:00 a.m.

All submitted documents must be submitted in electronic form (directly generated by electronic means or digital copies of documents). Proposal documents must be formatted using non-discriminatory, universally available data file formats.

Interested persons can view the rented premises no later than before the deadline for submission of applications. Please make arrangements in advance for a specific inspection time.

After the application deadline, applications received will be evaluated within 2 working days.

All applicants will be informed about the results of the competition by e-mail. by mail no later than within 2 working days from the date of decision-making.

More detailed information about the rented premises in the additional advertisement .

Contact person for renting premises: Gediminas Rudys, Head of the Business Organization Department of the Administration Department (e-mail: , +370 645 95 612).

Tender documents can be found here: