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Every year, the specialists of the Transport Competence Agency of the Public Enterprise carry out safety inspections of roads of state importance and their continuations in daylight and darkness. Inspections are carried out in accordance with the procedure of regular security inspections of roads of national significance . More than 3,800 km of state roads are inspected every year. Inspections are performed using the latest and most advanced software and video recording equipment. 

What regulates road safety inspection in Lithuania? 

Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Road Traffic Safety; 

The procedure for several regular security inspections of national significance. 

What is a regular road safety check (inspection)?  

Regular road safety inspection  - periodic inspection of whether the road and its elements meet traffic safety requirements and whether there are no defects to be removed for safety purposes. It is a process in which traffic specialists check the condition of the existing road. During the road safety inspection, traffic safety deficiencies are identified, which are easy to eliminate in the process of road maintenance work: marking defects, obstacles limiting visibility, safety defects of road structures, etc. 

At what time interval is it necessary to carry out a road safety check (inspection)?  

On highways at least every 3 years (in daylight and darkness); 

On country roads at least every 5 years (in daylight and at night); 

On regional roads, at least every 7 years (mandatory during daylight hours, may also be performed during dark hours). 

Who is responsible for carrying out the road safety inspection procedure?  

Regular road safety inspections are carried out and shortcomings are identified by TKA specialists. 

The owner of the road is responsible for removing identified deficiencies. 

From 2021, the specialists of the Transport Competence Agency of the Public Enterprise carry out inspections of the fencing of car road workplaces and traffic regulation. Inspections are carried out during daylight hours and after dark. Inspections are carried out in order to ensure traffic safety on roads of state importance, where reconstruction, repair or maintenance works are carried out. Inspections are carried out using the latest and most advanced software, measurement and 360 ° video recording equipment. 

The procedure for security inspections of the fencing of several workplaces of state importance 

From 2023 Specialists of the Transport Competence Agency of the State Public Enterprise begin to carry out safety inspections of bicycle infrastructure. During them, information will be collected about cyclists’ driving speeds, traffic intensities, habits and relationship with other road users and traffic incidents. Visual material will also be collected, on the basis of which research will be conducted on the condition of the existing bicycle infrastructure, the impact of the infrastructure as a whole and its quality on the safety of non-motorized traffic. After these studies, a procedure for checking the security of bicycle infrastructure will be prepared.