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Scope of TCA Activities

Licensing of specialists and supervision of their activities – a field of activity that includes attestation, certification, licensing, examination, skill assessment, supervision of activities and other types of professional assessment of specialists in various fields of transport. The effectiveness of this activity is ensured by providing centralized services that meet the requirements of the highest quality standards.

Supervision, accreditation and licensing of business entities in the aviation sector – this area of ​​activity is one of the most important in order to ensure the safe, efficient and high-standard functioning of aircraft, air navigation, flights, production, technical maintenance, airfield operations and other elements of the aviation sector. The quality of these activities is ensured by highly qualified specialists of the institution with many years of work experience in this field.

Planning of transport and communication communications is a field of activity that includes strategic planning of transport infrastructure, preparation of development programs, traffic modeling and safety management, preparation of investment projects and other engineering activities based on sustainable development of the transport sector and economic and social benefits. In carrying out this activity, the aim is to effectively contribute to the planning of the most important transport objects of national importance.

Monitoring and research of transport and communication communications is a field of activity that includes the collection of data on transport infrastructure, studies of qualitative indicators, inspections, monitoring and other activities in order to ensure the harmonious, efficient, safe functioning of transport infrastructure structures and other elements that meet the needs of society. Advanced research mechanisms and software are used to carry out this field of activity.