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Payment for administrative services

Procedure for paying for administrative services provided by Transport Competence Agency (TCA):

  • The customer must pay for the administrative services provided by TCA in advance, unless there is an agreement between the customer and TCA stating differently.
  • The payment for the annual supervision services provided by TCA must be paid annualy by November 1st of the current year. If the organization started its operations for which an annual supervision fee is charged in the current year, this fee should not be paid for that year.
  • All payments for administrative services must be paid to the TCA‘s account no. LT757044090100659769, located in AB SEB bankas, bank code 70440. The column Payment purpose in the payment form must contain the name and the code of the specific administrative service.

The payment could be refunded upon the written request of the customer (it should state one of the reasons for the refund listed below). The payment could be refunded in these cases:

  • when the payment that was made was bigger than the required amount;
  • if the application for the relevant service has not been yet processed by the TCA;
  • if the service (except for the annual supervision services) was not provided due to TCA‘s fault within the terms established by legal acts and the customer made a request to make a refund and terminate the service before the date of provision of the service.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email [email protected] or phone +370 5 273 9038.

Payment details:
Transport Competence Agency
Company code 305598608
VAT code LT100013737411
Aviation administrative services account: LT757044090100659769
AB SEB bank, bank code 70440

The list of administrative services provided by Transport Competence Agency and their prices >> was confirmed by the Minister of Transport and Communications.