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The licenses, permits and certificates issued by the TCA will be extended

Due to the situation in Lithuania and the quarantine imposed by the COVID-19 threat Transport Competency Agency (TCA) extends the permits, certificates, licenses and records of aircraft crews, pilots, pilot-instructors, instructors, examiners, maintenance personnel, air traffic controllers, aero-medical examiners. The period of validity is extended for 4 additional months but not beyond 31st July, 2020.

The decision for a general exemption was taken in accordance with the European Parliament and the Council Regulation (EU) No 2018/1139 article 71 part 1, dated 4th of July, 2018.

The order of the director of Transport Competency Agency took effect on 26th of March, 2020.

The conditions for the exception are in line with the recommendations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Special recommendations are prepared for:

For more detailed information regarding the practical implementation of this exception, please contact:

  • pilot licenses – Justinas Paškevičius, [email protected];
  • health sertificates – Elona Kazlauskienė, +370 686 78269;
  • aviation technicians / mechanics licenses – Egidijus Šimkus, +370 612 73317, or Ieva Masilionytė +370 659 63423;
  • air traffic controllers’ licenses – Eglė Gaidelytė, +370 8 686 78104, or Jurij Bersenev +370 645 88034.