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The reorganization of the Public Enterprise Transport Competence Agency was completed, carried out by division, which divided the institution into two new legal entities – the Public Enterprise Transport Competence Agency and the Public Enterprise Transport Infrastructure Research Center. The rights and duties of both of their owners are implemented by the Ministry of Transport.

The decision to reorganize the agency was made with the aim of more efficient use of the country’s budget funds by eliminating the duplication of functions. The functions related to the planning, monitoring and research of road transport and communication communications will be concentrated in the Transport Infrastructure Research Center after the reorganization. In September, after the new Road Law comes into force in the country, these functions, together with the necessary equipment and human resources, will be transferred to the Directorate of Motor Vehicles of Lithuania.

Having received a new company code, the Transport Competence Agency (TKA) will continue to carry out supervision, accreditation and licensing work of civil aviation economic entities and specialists. The institution will also be responsible for road safety inspections, setting and managing road levels, and monitoring and analyzing traffic accidents and emergency locations.

“This year has brought great challenges to our main customers – companies in the civil aviation sector and the specialists working in them. Therefore, we are starting a new stage of the institution’s existence with a clear goal – to listen to the needs of customers and, responding to them, provide services that would ensure the highest quality, safety and security standards,” said TKA director Goda Bražytė-Balčiūnė.

According to her, no changes are expected in TKA’s operational processes due to the reorganization, but some important administrative changes are occurring:

  • Company code . The new TKA code is 305598608.
  • Office address . The new TKA registration address is I. Kanto g. 23, Kaunas.
    The Department of Civil Aviation and its specialists and the institution’s administration continue to work at the office in Vilnius at Rodūnios kelias 2.
  • Settlement account number:
    Account LT757044090100659769, AB “SEB”, bank code 70440 is used for payments for aviation administrative services.
    Account LT417044090100712664, AB “SEB”, bank code 70440 is used for all other payments.