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TKA continues with the black spots and presents the prepared national 2022. black spot map. It contains information about black spots on national roads (identified by TKA) and municipal streets (information provided by municipalities). In total in 2022 December 31 according to the data, 42 black spots were identified on national roads, and 121 black spots or emergency spots on municipal streets.

National 2022 black spot map

Data of municipalities

Until 2022 December 30 52 out of 60 municipalities provided written information about the identified black spots in their territory. Information about the identified black spots was provided by 8 municipalities. Two municipalities, Vilnius city. and Mažeikiai district, indicated that they will provide information about black spots later. So we can be happy that even in 42 municipalities, no black spots were found. It is true that there are also such municipalities (8) that did not provide written information about the determination of black spots:

  • Alytus district wk.;
  • Kaunas district wk.;
  • Molėtai district wk.;
  • Radviliškis district wk.;
  • Šalčininkai district wk.;
  • Šilalė district wk.;
  • Śvenčioni district wk.;
  • Utena district weekly

The map will be updated after receiving data from municipalities that did not provide information.

The information of all municipalities about the formed black spots is particularly important not only for Lithuania, but also for the municipalities themselves.

The Ministry of Transport provides financial assistance to municipalities for the removal of black spots. Only those municipalities whose black spots are marked on this map will be able to apply for EU funding for the removal of black spots.

What can be found on the map

By clicking on each icon, you can see information about the black spot – traffic accidents, the number of deaths and injuries, and traffic safety issues. In the black spots of roads of national significance, this information is supplemented by traffic intensity data and recommendations prepared by experts. These recommendations can help vehicle drivers understand dangerous situations and what to pay attention to when driving in emergency areas.

The project is supervised by the Ministry of Transport
of the Republic of Lithuania