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October 13 safe traffic day is celebrated throughout Europe. The purpose of this day is to draw the attention of the residents to the dangers hidden on the roads, encourage them to be more careful on the roads, and remind that all road users must follow the rules of the road.

This time, the specialists of the TKA transport services department want to pay attention to the safety of car drivers and passengers traveling on country roads. In addition to wearing seat belts, choosing a safe speed, paying attention to the road and other responsibilities of drivers, road managers and specialists are also responsible for road safety. Road infrastructure must be clear and understandable, helping to reduce the likelihood and consequences of traffic accidents.

According to 2018-2021 traffic accidents, it was found that 14% of all traffic accidents that occurred were driving off the road. During these traffic accidents, 19% ( ie 132 EDs in 4 years ) of all traffic participants died. Some of these lives could have been saved if the road infrastructure was properly designed and maintained.

TKA specialists took into account the main road elements that improve road safety in rural areas and prepared recommendations that would serve as a reminder to road specialists on what to pay attention to when designing and maintaining roads.

The main criteria for improving traffic safety on country roads in order to reduce the risk of running off the road:

  • Good curve visibility – road signs marking road bends are installed, horizontal markings are clearly visible;
  • Vertical markings and signal poles;
  • Noise strips (structural marking / milled noise strips)
  • Speed ​​limit signs depending on the parameters of the horizontal curve
  • Obstacle-free zone;
  • Shallow embankment slopes;
  • Spreading the undercarriage in curves;
  • Strong and well-maintained roadside and safe pavement edge;
  • Safe supports;
  • Appropriate strength and span of barriers and selection and installation.

Recommendations for reducing the risk of running off the road can be found HERE.