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November 7 After the quarantine conditions came into effect in Lithuania, the Transport Competence Agency (TKA) announces its operating conditions during this period.

Exams continue

All safety measures are observed in the exam classroom – visitors have their temperature measured, if it exceeds 37.3° C or it is noticed that a person has signs of acute upper respiratory diseases (e.g. runny nose, cough, sneezing, difficulty breathing), they will not be allowed to take the exam .

No more than 6 clients can be in the examination room at the same time, and a distance of 2 meters is maintained between them. Also, only persons wearing respiratory protective equipment (face masks, respirators) and disposable gloves will be served.

After each group examination, the premises are disinfected and ventilated.

All exams require pre-registration:

If you have any questions, please call (8 5) 273 9013.

Advance registration is required for meetings with aviation specialists

For the provision of services, we invite you to contact the specialists of the required department directly.

Most of the employees of the TKA Civil Aviation Department work remotely during the quarantine, so if you need to hand over important documents or get original signatures, we invite you to contact them by phone or e-mail in advance and agree on the most convenient reception time.

If you only need to hand over documents, you can leave them in the TKA mailbox – it is checked once a day.

In TKA premises, customers are served one by one. Also, services are provided only to those persons who wear face and nose protective masks or respirators during the meeting.