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In January of last year, signs with green arrows at red traffic lights were removed from intersections on Lithuanian roads. However, due to the indignation of drivers due to increased traffic congestion, it was decided to return the signs in those places that will be coordinated with the Transport Competence Agency (TKA).

In order to ensure traffic safety and unify the criteria for the installation of signs, TKA prepared a methodology according to which criteria were evaluated for all intersections where it is desired to return the signs.

18 Lithuanian municipalities applied for the evaluation of the tables, a total of 267 requests were received, of which 107 were satisfied.

Together with the request, the municipalities had to provide data on the intensity of vehicles at the intersection and in its individual directions, in which it was necessary to distinguish between freight traffic and pedestrian flows. The employees of the Transport Services Department of TKA carefully analyzed these data and made a decision based on them – whether it is possible to install a sign with a green arrow at the intersection, or whether other engineering measures are necessary.

In the event that the submitted data did not fully meet the requirements stipulated in the methodology, TKA specialists would go to a specific location to assess the situation live and only then would they present the final conclusions.

About 40 percent requests to return the arrows were rejected due to poor visibility at the intersection.

In 102 cases out of 267 municipalities were recommended to regulate traffic at intersections with normal traffic light signals, in 58 cases it was suggested to install additional traffic light sections.

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