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The Transport Competence Agency (TKA) updated the civil aircraft register of the Republic of Lithuania and canceled the registration of 83 aircraft. The updated registry can be viewed here >> .

Aircraft registrations were canceled based on the following criteria set out in the Aviation Act:

  • the aircraft is destroyed or lost and the search for the lost aircraft is terminated;
  • the aircraft has not had a valid airworthiness certificate for the past 3 years.

Owners of deregistered aircraft will be personally informed about the obligation to return the aircraft registration certificate to TKA.

TKA provides answers to the most frequently asked questions by owners of deregistered aircraft:

Why was the aircraft deregistered? TKA is obliged to review the civil aircraft register of the Republic of Lithuania
in the last quarter of each year and cancel the registration of those aircraft that are irreparably damaged, lost or have not had an extended airworthiness certificate for 3 years. The conditions for registration and de-registration of aircraft are regulated in Article 24 of the Aviation Law .

Do I lose my right to my aircraft?
No, the aircraft remains your property. The register only shows the national affiliation of the aircraft – that is, whose jurisdiction it is under.

Why was I not notified in advance about the check-out of the aircraft? Neither the Aviation Law nor the Aircraft Registration Rules
provide for prior warning of owners about deregistration .

Can an aircraft be without a valid airworthiness certificate for more than 3 years and still be registered? The Aviation Law does not provide for the possibility of extending the deadline.

Will I be able to reset my registration? What should be done about it?
Yes, registration can be reset.
It is necessary to renew the certificate of airworthiness, apply for the registration of the aircraft and pay for the registration service.

How much does it cost to register an aircraft?
The cost of aircraft registration depends on the weight of the aircraft. The amounts of remuneration for TKA services can be viewed here>> .

Will I be able to keep the registration mark?
The registration mark is assigned to a specific aircraft and cannot be transferred to another aircraft. Therefore, when restoring the registration, if there is no request to change the sign, it remains the same.

How to return an aircraft registration certificate to TKA?
It can be sent by post (ordinary or registered letter) or using courier services, or upon arrival at TKA, at Rodūnios kelias 2, LT-02189 Vilnius.
During the quarantine, please leave the documents in the TKA mailbox.

Documents governing aircraft registration and deregistration:
Aviation Law >>
Civil aircraft registration rules >>
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