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Activities of road safety auditors

  • Recommendations for procurement of road safety audits service (information is being prepared) .
  • An essential requirement for Auditors is a valid Road Safety Auditor certificate.
  • The road owner (manager) can check the status of the Auditor’s certificate (valid/suspended/revoked) in the Register of Auditors.
  • TKA supervises the activity of auditors, for this purpose TKA can request the road owner (manager) to submit audit reports to TKA.
  • The road safety audit is carried out in accordance with the description of the procedure for conducting audits .
  • The description of the procedure for conducting audits contains the requirements for audit reports.
  • The audit findings are binding on the road manager.

Register of auditors

A person wishing to obtain an Auditor’s certificate:

  • must have completed 80 academic hours of Road Safety Auditor training courses (TKA receives information about individuals who have completed courses) and
  • send by mail [email protected] :
    • completed application , the form of which is provided HERE>>>
    • a copy of the obtained higher education or equivalent education diploma and its appendix or a list of road safety audits in the last 3 years in which they participated ;
    • a certificate confirming an impeccable reputation from the Department of Informatics and Communications at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania. Instructions for ordering a certificate can be found HERE>>> ;
    • completed and signed road safety auditor’s declaration of honor , the form of which is provided HERE>>> ;
    • information or a document confirming that the person has the right to drive at least one category of vehicles driver’s license number – if issued in the Republic of Lithuania, a copy of a valid driver’s license – if issued outside the Republic of Lithuania or a copy of a document issued by a medical institution, in the event that due to health conditions the applicant cannot drive vehicles).


  • You can create a Registration account and register for the exam >> .
  • Instructions on how to log in and register for exams can be found HERE

Before the exam, the applicant must pay a fixed fee of EUR 118 for taking and retaking the auditor competence exam.


  • The competency acquisition exam consists of 20 multiple-choice test questions. The exam questions are based on the topics of competence acquisition courses provided in the description of the auditor training procedure .
  • The duration of the exam is 60 minutes

Competence acquisition courses can be organized by a course organizer who meets the requirements of Article 11 , Part 2 , Paragraph 8 of the Law on Road Safety , when the Agency coordinates the competence acquisition course program prepared by him.

  • Vilnius Gediminas Technical University VILNIUS TECH is the organizer of training courses whose program is coordinated with the Agency.
  • Information about courses for acquiring the competence of road safety auditors is published on the VILNIUS TECH website HERE>> . The provided information indicates the start of the training courses, provides a detailed training program, staff teaching the courses, class times, training form, training location and price.
  • A person wishing to obtain an Auditor’s certificate must have completed an 80-hour Road Safety Auditor training course (the Agency receives information about persons who have completed the course)

The agency supervises the activity of the course organizer.

After obtaining the KSA certificate, the auditor can carry out activities for 2 years, he must improve his competences and pass the competence improvement exam at TKA.


  • The auditor’s competence is improved in the road safety auditor’s competence improvement course lasting 8 academic hours (conducted by a TKA-approved course organizer);


  • The auditor can also improve his/her competence in other courses in the field of traffic safety or traffic organization, the total duration of which is at least 16 academic hours in the last 2 years (in this case, the Auditor must submit documents to TKA with the topics of the attended trainings). The auditor can apply to TKA to inquire whether the planned courses will be recognized as competence development courses.
  • In accordance with the provisions of Article 10, Part 12, Clause 9 of the Law on Road Safety , TKA carries out continuous supervision of Auditors’ activities.
  • During the supervision of the Auditor’s activities, the following inspections may be carried out:
    • periodic, i.e. auditor’s activity inspection, performed every 2 years;
    • targeted, i.e. the auditor’s activity inspection, is carried out after receiving a complaint about the non-compliance of the road safety audit with the requirements of legal acts or other regulatory documents and after the responsible employees have assessed the validity of the information received and made a decision to carry out a targeted auditor’s activity inspection. In this case, only those road safety audits for which a complaint has been received are checked.