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The organizer of exhibition events or air sports competitions must submit to TKA a completed application in the prescribed form and the following documents and information no later than 8 working days before the expected day of the exhibition event or air sports competition:

  1. for the demonstration event – a site plan or scheme with marked: 1.1.
    aircraft work areas (flight performance and waiting areas);
    1.2 aircraft parking areas;
    1.3. aircraft movement routes;
    1.4. parachutist landing sites;
    1.5. hot air balloon landing sites;
    1.6. spectator areas;
    1.7. aircraft display lines;
    1.8. safety equipment placement areas.
  1. For aviation sports competitions – competition regulations.

Before submitting the application to TKA, it must be coordinated with:

    1. the owner/user of the aerodrome, if it is intended to hold an exhibition event or aviation sports competition at the aerodrome; or
    2. the owner/user of the outdoor site and the local municipality, if the demonstration event or aviation sports competition is intended to be held at the outdoor site; or
    3. by the venue owner/user and the local municipality, if the demonstration event or air sports competition takes place in places other than an aerodrome or an outdoor field;
    4. air traffic service provider, if the flights will be operated in the part of the airspace where air traffic control services are provided.