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 Public Transport Competence Agency (TKA) was informed about two incidents in which aircraft approaches took place. After assessing the danger of situations and possible consequences, TKA specialists would like to draw attention to the dangers posed by aircraft approaches, as well as remind the importance of safe distances between aircraft. 

Descriptions of situations

First situation: in the airfield traffic area, airplane A was conducting training flights in the airfield traffic area with a circle landing. At the same time, another plane, B, was returning from a training flight en route and was about to join the airfield traffic circle. The crew of Airplane B radioed that they would enter the airfield traffic in a circle ahead of the circling Airplane A (which was in the middle of the return at the time) and land first. Aircraft A and B were approaching each other (100 feet apart) and an evasive maneuver was required.

Second, as the aircraft were circling the aerodrome, the crew of aircraft A decided to extend the lift in order to maintain a safe distance from the aircraft B in front. At the beginning of the right-hand turn, the crew of aircraft A observed aircraft C, which had taken off from aircraft A and was making a smaller aerodrome traffic circle. Aircraft A turned left away from Aircraft C and the aerodrome traffic circle, completed an orbit and successfully returned to the circle.


For approved training organizations (ATOs), declared training organizations (DTOs), pilots and aerodrome managers, it is recommended that:

– ATO and DTO to organize a seminar/briefing for flight instructors. Conduct a seminar for aerodrome operators to remind aerodrome users of the Rules of Flight, with particular reference to right-of-way (SERA.3210) and aerodrome movements and flights in the vicinity of aerodromes (SERA.3225);

– Pilots are recommended to update their knowledge of the Flight Rules, paying particular attention to right-of-way (SERA.3210) and movements on and near aerodromes (SERA.3225).


in 2012 September 26 Commission Regulation No. 923/2012 establishing general flight rules and operating provisions for air navigation services and procedures and amending Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 1035/2011 and regulations (EC) No. 1265/2007, (EC) No. 1794/2006, (EC) No. 730/2006, (EC) No. 1033/2006 and (EU) no. 255/2010 (hereinafter – SERA)

The transport competences agency in the system of mandatory notification of events operating in accordance with Regulation (EU) no. 376/2014 requirements.