Cabin Crew members

25 Diena

Training organizations that are authorized to conduct initial cabin crew training:

Safety first training (LT.CCTO.001)
Rodunios kelias 34
LT-02187 Vilnius
Phone +370 612 61550

BAA Training (LT.CCTO.002)

Dariaus ir Gireno g. 21
LT-02189, Vilnius
Phone +370 5 252 5536

The issue of cabin crew attestation (issue of a new document, the amendment of the document, issue of a duplicate):

Payment code Service Charge, eur
6.17 cabin crew attestation:
6.17.1. issuance 94
6.17.2. amendment if the data is changed 29
6.17.3. issuance of the duplicate 31

Charges for training organizations (establishment, annual oversight, approval of cabin crew initial training manual):

Payment code Service Charge, eur
6.18. Charges for initial cabin crew training organization:
6.18.1. the examination of the application to execute initial cabin crew training and the issue of the certificate 1 089
6.18.2. the issuance of the duplicate of the certificate 33
6.18.3. the annual oversight of the initial cabin crew training organization 906
6.18.4. the approval of a new issue of cabin crew initial training manual when more that 50 percent of the sections in the manual are changed 301
6.18.5. the approval of the revision of the cabin crew initial training manual 137